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Why ?

Your supply chain is unstable, prices vary arbitrarily, quality is not consistent, your customers demand more secure supply? Your company wants to accelerate your transition towards a more sustainable chemistry ? You want to expand your portfolio of bio-sourced products ? You are looking for new functionalities ? We can help you!

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What ?

The technologies we master, the exploitation of the incredible microbial biodiversity and our approach to bio-retrosynthesis, enable us to produce by fermentation of a wide range of complex "small molecules". We work on APIs for pharmaceuticals and ingredients for cosmetics, fragrance, flavors and nutrition.

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Where to start ?

Do you have a specific molecule or pain in mind? Let's start by brainstorming together on the technical and economical feasibility of “switching to bio-based”. We put our skills, our tools and our know-how at the service of the success of your project, having as first step the joint development of a business case. Contact us and let us start exploring this space together!

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