Strong Expertise in Metabolic Engineering for Biosynthesis

We have solid in-house know-how and unique tools to design and optimize metabolic pathways transforming sugars into your molecule of interest. At Abolis, we are capable of working on very long metabolic pathways (up to 50 simultaneous bio-conversion steps) leading to the production of complex molecular entities with industrial yield.

systemic approach

A Systemic approach

At Abolis, we know how to combine metabolic engineering with bio-converison and chemistry to use the best of each technologies to deliver you product at costs, quickely.

rational approach

A Rational approach

We work with rational design approach to limits useless experimentations and still acquire a deep knowledge of the metabolic pathway we work on, and optimize strain's production capabilities.

industrial approach

An industrial approach

We integrate industrial constraints of economic, scale, plant design, reuse existing equipement, from the begining when we design a novel bio-process.

secure approach

A secure approach

Intellectual property is at the center of what we do. We operate above best practices for computer and data security. We use best practices in term of project management to deliver the bio-process to you in time, on scope, on budget.