Our Origin

The origin of Abolis’ lays in two observations :

Natural resources are continuously dwindling and we need to quickly find new sources of renewable carbons to support human progress.

Today’s chemistry is mostly non sustainable, and needs to adapt to the 21st century challenges.

Abolis Biotechnologies “Metabolism Architects” is an AGILE European biotech SME that wishes to participate in the ecological transition of chemical industry by helping them developing bioprocesses for the production of their molecules of interest.

Core team

Cyrille Pauthenier

Cyrille Pauthenier

Cyrille graduated from École Normale Supérieure de Paris where he studied fundamental chemistry and biology. In 2011, he specialized in synthetic biology. In 2014, after obtaining his Ph.D., Cyrille co-founded Abolis, with the aim of using biology to accelerate the ecological transition of chemical industry.

Valerie Brunel

Valerie Brunel

Valérie graduate from Toulouse Business School, MS Innovation Management, and holds a MSc in chemistry, and a MSc in information and communication. She has over 20 years experience in the biotech industry in market positioning, business and corporate development. She joined Abolis in 2016 as General Manager.

Frederic Austruy

Frederic Austruy

Frédéric graduated from École Centrale Paris. He has more than 20 years of experience in many strategic projects in digital transformation of large and small companies. He has been in charge of several Business Units’ operations, both in corporations and in fast growing SMEs. He joined Abolis Biotechnologies in 2019 as VP of Operations.

Filippo Giancarlo

Filippo Giancarlo Martinelli

Filippo holds a MSc in industrial biotechnology, a PDEng in bioproduct design, and an Executive MBA. He was formerly CEO at the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation, International Team Leader for the Agri-Food Bioeconomy, and Operations Manager at PNO Consultants Brussels-EU office. He has been in charge of Global Industrial Partnerships Development at Abolis since early 2020.


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Metabolism crafters

Our team is composed of around 25 talented scientists from various fields of research and support functions working together as an interdisciplinary team. Our people are always looking for new challenges to push out the boundaries, and are strongly motivated with being part of the ecological transition of the 21st century.



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Abolis develops innovative (bio)processes thanks to the power of the latest technologies within the fields of fermentation, enzymology, analytics, robotics, bio-informatics and much more, while putting them at the service of our holistic team of experts.

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We are convinced that quality of work goes along with the quality of human relationships. We are working hand in hand with our clients and partners to insure the results we produce always meet their expectations. Inside Abolis’ team, our various professions are working together toward a common goal : the success of your project.

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Abolis wishes to contribute to the ecological transition of the modern world. We are using cleaner methods to create sustainable products for human beings and the environment, by contributing to more robust industrial suppliers chains.


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