We hold cutting-edge expertise in the architecture of microorganism metabolism and all the tools necessary to implement it, with an approach that integrates downstream problems of industrialization from the first stages of development. Abolis gathers a panel of technologies to bring our clients’ projects to the highest scientific level while constantly integrating the industrial, economical and environmental constraints. From informatics to the fermentation process, discover our technology portfolio :

genetic tools

Advanced genetic tools

Our team works daily to improve and create new tools that allow us to carry out ever more complex genetic modifications. We use them to build, stabilize, equilibrate long metabolic pathways from sugar to product, and enhance Titer, Yield and Rate for industrial production. Thanks to them, we acheived incredible results for the most complex pathways ever done by metabolic engineering.

software tools

Innovative software tools

Our software team has developed our own proprietary portefolio of softwares to streamline and manage complex biotechnological workflows. All our data and bio-informatic and chemo-informatic competencies are being managed by a unique tool called AWSOME (Abolis Workflow SOlution for Metabolic Engineering). These tools enable us seach for novel metabolic pathways, enzymes and ensure the complete tracability of what we develop.

strains collection

Strains collection

We are constantly working to increase the number of natural strain we can engineer by developing novel, generic genetic, tools and competences. Our moto is: combine the best of human engineering with the best of what Nature have already made for us.

fermentation plateform

Fermentation plateform

As iterative follow up of our genetic manipulations, the new strains performances are validated in our robotic 48 cuve fermenter and then up to 20L fermenter in order to validate strains and bio-process in the closest to industrial scale environment. For the pre-industrial scale, we partner with a short list of high end specialists for DSP and Scale-up.

Cutting edge analytics

Cutting edge analytics

Our analytical chemistry team is continuously developing new methods using cutting-edge mass spectrometry technologies to be able to analyze and compare the performance of our strain for the production of your molecule, side products, fluxes and health-state of the microbe.

genetic tools

Robotic plateform

We use robots to facilitate the tedious and repetitive stages of the development of your strain and its process. They enable medium throughput strain construction and testing and have the advantage of reproducibility and automated quality monitoring.