Control your environmental impact and solve sourcing issues

Chemical, Pharma, Cosmetic and Food industry have to face the challenge of producing their ingredients and raw materials in a way that is sustainable from an economic, environmental and societal point of view.


Bio-based molecules of interest

Food, Fragrances, Flavors, Chemicals and Agrochemicals, should be produced in an sustainable, bio-based and clean way.

Harmful chemicals should be replaced by alternative molecules with the same functionnality, and sometime a structure different from those produced by organic chemistry. At Abolis, we develop fermentation processes (as for wine or beer) based on the capacity of an adapted micro-organism to transform sugar into YOUR molecules of interest.


Succeed in developping new bioprocess

Abolis put its unique TECHNOLOGIES, know-how and our TEAM of experts at the service of your project.

Welcome to the frontier of synthetic biology, informatics, robotics, fermentation and analytical chemistry.

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